When I hold my baby daughter, it’s hard to believe that just 19 months ago she was just a newborn, so tiny and fragile, with a voice so soft that even her cry was cute. No matter how hard I try to remember how it felt, I can’t. It’s hard to imagine, let alone replicate the feeling.

Our journey from Cuzco to Aguas Calientes was a memorable trip. So memorable that we keep mentioning it whenever things get tough in our life. Because what we experienced during that trip is a great metaphor to our own journey towards building the life of our dreams.

When reading through some of my old blog posts, I’m always like, “ah… that wasn’t so bad.” But then I’m like, “OMG… so much anger in my texts.” Although I still agree with the gist of my old posts, I don’t agree with the tone I used.

After reading a list of [mostly wrong] predictions I wrote back in 2017, I asked Davidson what was his vision for the years to come. Instead of giving me a list of things he’d like to happen, he just said that whatever happens he wants to have freedom of time and location.