When you make a plan, you have this crazy idea that things will go smoothly. You try to take into account some possible setbacks, but of course, you can’t predict them all. That plan that took you so many hours to make, crushed by one tiny detail and, unfortunately, you’re back to square one.

Although I know that Life is full of uncertainty, that you cannot know for sure what it has in store for you, sometimes I lose myself in my thoughts. Trying to give a meaning to what’s happening in my life and to predict what will happen next.

I’m writing whenever I can. Like right now, while the baby is asleep. And I’ll write as much as I can until my eyes can’t take it anymore or when the baby wakes up for some mama’s milk. Sometimes I manage to write 3 or 4 posts in a row. And sometimes I’m just writing dumb stuff that will remain drafts. I don’t really know where this will get me but, so far, I’m enjoying my journey as a mama/author/writer very much.