Tackling my fear of failure by baking

Everyone is afraid of something completely irrational.

And what I mean by that is if you do decide to face your fear and you fail, you’re most likely not gonna die.

It could be that you’re afraid to talk to that guy or answer a question asked by your teacher.

Or it can be a fear of cooking. Especially baking.

That’s me today.

I’ve been watching so many baking videos and saving them, telling myself “I’ll try that later”. But most of the time, it never happens.

Sometimes it’s because I don’t have all the ingredients or it takes too many steps or… blablabla. Yes only bullshit excuses.

So one day, I decided to pick one recipe and just do it. It was a focaccia and it was a big failure. First time using yeast and the dough was so sticky. I started to sweat like crazy. And I overcooked it. I think this attempt could’ve been called “all the things not to do when baking with yeast” 😂

But anyway…

Even though I was disappointed, I kept trying new recipes. There were more failures on the way but now I’m happy to say that I can make delicious breads, muffins, cakes, …

It still takes me some time to try a new recipe because I’m always feeling anxious about the end result.

At least now, I’m not only watching and saving for later.

I’m learning by trial and error. And most importantly, I’m learning to enjoy the process.

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