2 weeks postpartum

Feeling better physically ☺️

  • I can laugh without feeling pain.
  • But when I sneeze it still hurts.
  • No more bleeding but it’s stinky down there 😣
  • I can get in and out of bed easily, although I’m still being careful.
  • I walk a bit faster.
  • I’m still a bit constipated, probably because I’m still taking iron pills twice a day.
  • Milk is abundant, so much that now she’s puking a little bit when she’s extra full πŸ˜…
  • My baby bump is smaller. I look like I’m 3-month pregnant now 😁
  • I started to do some core strengthening by sucking up my tummy every now and then when facing the mirror. I’m doing like 2min a day. My goal is to reach 10min a day until my diastasis recti is fixed.
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