Writing to an empty audience

Nobody’s reading this blog and I don’t care πŸ˜„

When I first started it, 5 years ago now 😱, it was to build a website around my then newfound career, which was life coaching (🀣).

It didn’t last long though as Davidson and I both realized that this whole industry is bullshit: basically profiting from weak-minded people, something I don’t agree with.

But anyway…

Everyone makes mistakes and that was surely one of them.

I haven’t been consistent in my writing over these past 5 years. This is known.

So why am I still writing?

At first my intention was to get to know myself better, and writing surely helps me a lot with it.

But now, what I want is to leave a legacy to my children. I want them to know that in my 30s I was still trying to figure my life out, that I had doubts and fears, that I still made mistakes,…

Basically I want them to know that Life isn’t about the big milestones but rather about the journey and how much present you are in it.

Maybe one day we’ll condense all the blog posts and write a book for them.

Yes, who knows…

I guess I’m not writing to an empty audience after all ☺️

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