I’ve been away for quite some time


I thought about writing on this blog many times but I always felt too tired or like it was not the right moment (like at 2AM while breastfeeding Amy 😅).

Right now, Amy and Ellie are still sleeping. It’s 7AM and I’m awake since 6AM. Now is the right moment 😄

I’ve been experimenting new recipes lately. Mostly vegan because Amy is allergic to dairy and eggs. So no more fried eggs for me for now. Although I can still bake with eggs but I avoid eating too much of my baked goods if there are eggs. Just in case.

So far, Amy is doing with my new diet dairy-free and (almost) egg-free.

As for me, I was struggling at first, especially the first couple of weeks. I had to find substitutes to get all the nutrients and vitamins that my body lacked from not eating anything dairy. I had some episodes of dizziness and vertigo but now it’s all good.

Well, now Ellie is awake 😅

I’ll write some more blog posts later.

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