Lately, I had been checking profiles of former colleagues and classmates out of curiosity.

It made me wonder how many of them were really enjoying what they were doing vs how many of them, despite being miserable, were keeping their job for status, money or because they think they don’t have any other options.

If I hadn’t quit my job in 2015, I would’ve had 10 years of working experience today.

Do I have any regrets though?

When checking those profiles, I could hear myself “it could’ve been me”. But then I would imagine still working in a corporate job and it would make me cringe.

I definitely have no regrets having the life I have today.

I get to see my children growing up and that’s the main reason why I couldn’t see myself climbing up the ladder of a corporate company and decided to quit.

For me, it didn’t make sense to make so much money, working so many hours, and spend only few moments with my children.

I understand I’m lucky to be 100% present for my children. I know that not every mother can do it, especially single mothers.

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