What should I write?

I asked Davidson (actually I was more asking myself) if I should try to write informative books or if I should just stick to my style. Because the 2 books I started this year, they’re definitely informative. And while I was in this train of thoughts, it made me think if I really wanted to write those books or if it’s just to say: “Here! I wrote books that are not diaries.”

If I were to be honest, I’d say answer #2.

Davidson told me that I’m not obliged to write other books than my diaries. One book per year is great already.

Maybe he’s right.

Maybe I’m supposed to focus only on my diaries.

Davidson then added that I should not feel like I should write books for the sake of writing something. Instead I should want to write books because I believe it can inspire people. After all, that’s what I want: inspire people to find their thing with the story of my life.

And what better way than to share my diaries?

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