When reading through some of my old blog posts, I’m always like, “ah… that wasn’t so bad.” But then I’m like, “OMG… so much anger in my texts.” Although I still agree with the gist of my old posts, I don’t agree with the tone I used.

I asked Davidson (actually I was more asking myself) if I should try to write informative books or if I should just stick to my style. Because the 2 books I started this year, they’re definitely informative. And while I was in this train of thoughts, it made me think if I really wanted to write those books or if it’s just to say: “Here! I wrote books that are not diaries.”

I’m not motivated to write every day. And more often than not, I struggle to find my words. Sometimes I even get envious of captions I read on Instagram because it’s written in very good English (meaning better than mine). But I know this is only in my head.