Writing, moving, wandering, and arriving

Most of the times, I choose the title of my text first, then write accordingly. But occasionaly, I do the opposite: write whatever comes to mind, then later choose a title that fits the content.

Choosing the title first is best suited for when you already have in mind the message you want to convey. Sometimes, however, all you want to do is simply write, no matter what.

Just like now.

As I write, I inevitably run into a halt when I don’t like a specific paragraph. So I delete it and write another one. I keep doing that until I can start to visualize my message. Only then, I can wrap my text and make it come to a conclusion, after which I can finally choose the title.

For many times I’ve had a similar experience not with writing, but with life itself. Sometimes, you know exactly where you want to go. Just like when you write the title of your text and write accordingly, you write down your goal and live in a way that increase your chances of achieving it.

Some other times, all you want is simply not to be here. You just want to wander, looking around, watching your thoughts and feelings, treating every experience as if it was a clue to the puzzle of life, hoping that at some point in your journey you see something that makes you say: “There! That’s where I want to go.” Only then you can look back and find sense in your journey, like the writer who reads a text and identify its message.

In any case, wisdom is required for you to realize that you are already there.

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