Happy belated new year 2021

As I’m writing this post (around 6PM), Ellie is singing next to me and every minute or so she’s asking for attention… Now I remember why I don’t write that often here 😂

I know I have only two time slots in which I can dedicate myself to this blog:

  • Very early in the morning, something like between 5 and 6AM
  • Or very late at night when Ellie is already sleeping

I know that the best option for me would be early in the morning but since I’m pregnant it’s been difficult for me to wake up 😴

But anyway… I’m not a resolution-type-of-person but here’s mine for this new year:

Doing my best to write more often on this blog.

Happy new year to you all and wishing you all the best for 2021: success, love, joy and peace of mind.


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