I thought I hated my job

But now I understand I was wrong.

I loved my job.

What I didn’t like though, was the corporate environment.

I didn’t like the mindset of people working there. Most of them are feeling miserable at their jobs and all they do is complaining about it, convincing themselves they have no other choices than staying.

I just couldn’t identify myself with these people and I ended up thinking that I hated my job too. But as opposed to them, I didn’t want to stay and play the victim forever.

Now 5 years fast forward, I understand that I don’t belong in corporate workplace but I do love project management.

I love scheduling, planning, organizing, budgeting… that’s what I do naturally in my daily life:

  • I use Google calendar to remind me of the bills to pay and my cleaning schedule.
  • I use Excel to track my expenses and to control our budget. Although now I’m trying to find an alternative tool to it. So far, no mobile apps really have satisfied my needs. And I’m currently thinking about creating my own 😂 Specs are on their way.
  • And I use Evernote or a regular notebook whenever I want to create a checklist.

Am I a weirdo?

Maybe 😂

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