One thing I do every morning to keep myself accountable

I don’t know when it started.

Was it a habit I learned at school, during my time at my corporate job or something I developed over time after reading some book?

I don’t really know.

All I know is that doing it every morning helps me to have a clearer vision of my day.

What I’m talking about is:

A to-do list 😄

I love creating lists.

I have a list for the things to do for the day, a list for the supermarket, a list for the snacks to pack when we travel… and it goes on and on and ooooon.

There’s always such a good feeling whenever I checkmark one item 🥰

I know… weirdo 😂

My ‘one thing’ rule

To keep myself accountable though, I don’t go crazy and write down every single thing I’ll do during the day.

And actually, because Life is full of surprises, there are things that I leave undone and will postpone for the next day or…. forever. In that case, it means I don’t really wanna do it and it was not that important.

But anyway…

My ‘one thing’ rule is this:

Write the one thing that’s the most important task to do for the day.

Or put in other words, if there was only one thing you had to do for the day, what would it be?

For example, for me today is ‘writing a blog post’.

It’s my third day in a row that I stick myself to writing on this blog and I’d like to turn it into a habit. So this is my ‘one thing’ I wanna keep myself accountable for at least 30 days.

I wrote down some other items like record a yoga session or go to the supermarket but to me, at least for today, they have a lesser priority. Meaning if I don’t do them, that’s ok. And actually I think I’ll skip the recording session for another day 🤫

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