About having no more goals

Until recently I was obsessed with living in USA. It’s always been a dream of mine to live abroad. And maybe the fact that the entrepreneurship culture was born there influenced me to live with like-minded people.

But anyway… I realized I was actually missing the whole point.

Finding out that writing is my thing was a big step for me this year. And now that I get to work on it every day I found myself more and more detached to any goals I used to have.

At first I thought it was wrong. So I was kind of confused and tried to figure out if there was something wrong with me.

I asked myself, “Why did I become so indifferent about it?”

After much thought I understood that the sole fact I get to write every day while being with Davidson and Ellie is enough for me to be happy. Being aware of that — I know it’s weird to say it but, it makes me “not want” to reach any more goals.

Or, put in other words, I don’t let goals make me feel unhappy anymore. Because if you think about it, having a goal is making a deal with yourself to be unhappy until you achieve what you want. And once you know that, it’s like there’s no more turning back.

Why would I let myself feeling bad and unhappy? It was nonsense.

Today I’m happy with what is. And by having this mindset, I find it easier to feel gratitude towards anything that happens in my life. I can see Life from a different perspective.

So USA or not, I believe that my actions towards writing will lead me to what was always meant to be. And whatever comes with it, I’ll only show gratitude.

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