First I Was Naive, Part 2: new plan

Few days ago, I wrote a blog post saying that the editing part was finished.

Well…after realizing that the events that happened to us in 2017 were actually not that interesting for other people to read, we’ve decided not to publish the second book.

Instead, Davidson suggested to translate “First I Was Naive” to Brazilian Portuguese because he can tell with his culinary book that there’s an open market in Brazil, meaning it’s worth trying to reach the Brazilian market because it’s not as crowded as the U.S. market.

To be honest, I wasn’t surprised when he told me that the second book was boring. It’s like I already knew it would never get published. The mind works in mysterious way.

But anyway…

I’m writing this blog post mostly for myself. Hopefully it will help me to have closure. I guess I need some time to readjust to the new plan.

Let’s see where this will lead us 🙂

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