30-day update on writing every day on this blog

It hasn’t become a habit yet but I think I’m getting there ☺️

The best time for me to write is when Ellie is having her nap in the afternoon. In the morning, even though I wake up early, around 6AM, I’m too groggy to think of anything to write. So instead, I use this time for meditation then I’ll prepare coffee before Ellie wakes up.

But anyway… back to my writing.

The first week was ok, like I said in my previous update. But then there were two days without publishing anything.

I realized that writing and publishing on the same day wasn’t working for me (at least not every day). So I decided to write whatever came to my mind and leave them in my drafts. Then later on, I’ll either complete my idea and schedule the post or just dismiss it.

So far, it’s been working like a charm.

Let’s see how this second month will go 😊

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