Things I like to do to relax

Simple things, yet very effective 😌


It can be early in the morning when everybody’s still asleep or at night just before going to sleep.

Sometimes it’s only 5min, and some other times it’s longer. It depends on how long Ellie will start poking me 👉


I usually like to practice in the morning. But these days it’s really when I have time and don’t feel any reflux coming in.

Otherwise I’ll just sit on my mat and meditate some more.

Drink coffee, tea or terere

Coffee in the morning ☕

And tea or terere (cold tea) after lunch 🍵

Write on my diary

If it’s not on my diary, it will be on some random notebook in which I’ll write down the things I wanna get out of my head. Otherwise I feel like it gets too crowded up there 😄

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