About writing on my diary

I’m really glad I’m keeping track of my thoughts on my diary. It’s crazy to read what we’ve been through only last year, let alone few months or even weeks ago. It makes me wonder what I would write when I’ll be 90 or 100 years old?*

* if I’m still alive by then!

I can see myself reading again my old diaries and reminiscing all the struggles Davidson and I have been through. How much they were necessary for us to grow and to be where we are as grey and old people.

I can visualize ourselves still madly in love with each other and telling our stories to our grandchildren and maybe…great-grandchildren?

Yes, I can totally visualize a future in which we’re happy, in love and satisfied with what we’ve built together.

Maybe I’d read again those lines and I’d be like, “You were right 30-year-old Shyrwyn! You were right.”

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