My quest to find my why

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.Mark Twain

As I was telling Davidson a couple of days ago, when it comes to one’s career, there are two categories of people:

  • The ones who knew very early in their life what they’re meant to do. It’s like they were born with it. Think about some famous football players and singers like Mbappé or Ed Sheeran.
  • And the ones who have no clue and wander for many years trying new stuff until they find their thing. Think about Davidson and I 😊

And actually now that I think of it, there’s probably a third category:

  • The ones who don’t care as long as they’re making enough money to pay their bills and go on holidays. They’re not necessarily happy (nor miserable) with their job but at least they can afford what they want.

I was in this third category until 2015. But then I snapped out of it when I realized that these material stuff that I could afford with my paycheck wasn’t and wouldn’t make me happy in the long term.

Yes, I could visualize having a successful IT career, having a house and kids… But I never could visualize myself being happy with my life.

At that point I just knew that I couldn’t go on with my life without knowing my purpose and actually living it.

I had to find my why.

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