What do I do during my morning yoga practice?

I’ve been asked about my morning practice, so here’s my answer 🤗

First of all, I never plan my practice. I just do what feels right for my body.

Sometimes all I want is just a 10-minute stretching session.

And some days I’ll practice for more than an hour focusing mainly on one thing.

It could be for example a flow focused only on one body part (core, hamstrings, arms…) or something more general like strength, flexibility, or balance.

And when it comes to practicing a pose, I keep a list of ‘to-do’ poses so I never run out of ideas 😄

These days I’m doing lots of pincha practice, but whenever I’m not in the mood for it, I just pick something else from my list 🤓

And if you didn’t know this about me: yes, I’m a list person 😂 I looove spreadsheets.

I know, I’m a weirdo… 🤪

What about you? How do your yoga practice looks like?

Would love to know ❤️

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