Unhappy back vs Happy back

I thought this was important to share ❤️

Although I know I should always listen to my body, sometimes I still have my ego on the way, and here’s a perfect example:

In the left picture, I was focusing on bending as much as possible so that my toes would reach my head. The problem is that I could feel pain in my lower back and this was a sign I was doing something wrong 😞

In the right picture, I was focusing on getting my toes to meet each other and at the same time making sure that my back was not crying in pain. The bend is not as deep as the first picture but at least my back was happy 🥰

This is just a reminder for me and also for you to ALWAYS listen to your body. It knows better what’s good for you 🙏

Let’s practice safely and get the ego out of the way 🙃

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