Revolved Triangle: a pose I’m still struggling with

I’ve been doing a lot of free flows these past few weeks and one pose that I’m struggling with is #revolvedtrianglepose.

I remember my Vinyasa teacher asking to do this triangle -> revolved triangle transition and I would be so wobbly but I didn’t know how I could improve 🤷

And instead of trying to search online some tutorials, I decided not to practice it … At all! 😂

But one day, I decided it was time to stop being stubborn and learn how to do it.

So here’s a before/after of my revolved triangle pose practiced during one of my daily free flows.

As you can see, I was very wobbly and not twisting correctly.

And just so you know: I’m that kind of person who tries first, sees that I suck at it and theeeen search online how to do it 😂😂

But anyway… 🤓

I think my alignment is better now. Of course there’s still room for improvement but so far I like the progress I’ve made 😊

If you have any more tips, share them in the comments section. I’d love to learn more about this twisty pose!

Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

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