How do I prepare for pincha?

Here’s a sequence I’m doing before practicing pincha 🙃

It helps with warming up and opening up the shoulders 💊

One thing you should know though is that before even starting this sequence I had a 15 min stretching session, 20 min free flow with some rounds of sun salutation and I also did a 10-minute pilates workout focused on the abs ðŸĨĩ – which I think helps to build some core strength as well.

My point here is: don’t forget to warm up!

I used to think that I could go straight to pincha whenever I decided to but I would always end up disappointed. I’ve learned with time that pincha requires a LOT of preparation before even trying to enter the pose.

So… Please warm up ðŸĪŠ and if you can’t do pincha yet, just continue to practice those drills consistently and with time you’ll get there.

Swipe to watch the drills and one of my pincha attempts with straight legs.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below âĪïļ

Thank you and enjoy your practice 😘😘

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