This 7-day abs challenge kicked my ass!

If you’ve been watching my stories recently, you know that I tried this 10-minute #pilates workout designed by @blogilates.

Today was my 11th day – yes, I decided to continue for 7 more days (and maybe more… Let’s see 🤪) – and it’s still such a struggle 🥵

The reason why I’m continuing is not about making my abs pop – although I’m interested to know if I can manage it one day 😄

But anyway!

For me, it’s about doing something that challenges me because I believe it’s by doing things out of my comfort zone that growth happens 😊

What about you? What are you currently doing that’s out of your comfort zone?

Would love to know ❤️

P.S.: You can check the results of this challenge in my pilates highlight on my IG account.

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