Big news + update on my pincha hollowback with straddle legs

🤫I was able to shift my gaze this morning 🥳

Still need to build more strength to have a longer hold but so far I’m happy with this progress 😄

P.S.: I’ve been receiving many DMs about my pincha practice and wanted to let you know that I’m feeling very touched by all your comments ❤️

So, I’ve decided to start this new hashtag #pinchawithshy and would love for you to use it + tag me whenever you post your pincha practice in your feed or in your stories so I can cheer you on 🥳🤗

I’d love to see your journey 😍 Also in that way, we can all support each other and share our tips and tricks, any bloopers, our before/after, etc. 🙃💪

Thanks so much for your amazing support and kindness and I can’t wait to see all your pincha! 🥰🥰

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