My body keeps impressing me every day

The first time I tried to lift one leg up in bridge pose was during one yoga class back in June.

I remember I could barely lift my leg up even with my hands supporting my back.

I was already out of breath when the teacher said, “Now lift both of them.”

I was like, “Is he serious?!” πŸ˜†

I tried… and failed of course.

But I wasn’t feeling defeated. I was just laughing at myself because I was so exhausted, I could barely move anymore. All I wanted was to go straight to savasana already πŸ˜‚

Now not only can I lift both my legs up, but I’m also actually enjoying it and playing around with different leg shapes.

My body keeps impressing me every day. And I’m looking forward to what it will allow me to do in the years to come.

Happy Sunday everyone πŸ’‹

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