Prolonged fasting, day 3: all pleasure is gone

Yesterday I was this close to quit my prolonged fasting. It was the worst day so far. Headaches, pain in my legs, fatigue, funny taste in my mouth.

It was like a really bad hangover, except I was not throwing up, even though I was feeling nausea.

The saddest part of it is that now my taste is compromise. I can’t enjoy coffee anymore. It tastes awful. I couldn’t finish my morning coffee and didn’t even want to have afternoon coffee.

The hardest part was going to the grocery store to buy food for the week (for my wife and kids, of course, I won’t be eating anytime soon). Being surround by so much food while feeling terrible as a consequence of not eating anything really made me feel like quitting.

I knew that if I wanted to continue I would need to go straight to bed as soon as I arrived home. I didn’t even had a shower. Not having at least one shower a day in Brazil is like a crime, so I felt very uncomfortable about it.

Now I’m on day 4 and still feeling weak, my legs hurt a little, but at least I don’t have a headace (for now). I was able to do my 10 push-ups in the morning and Shyrwyn said she can notice my belly is smaller. At least I have that going on for me.

Let’s see how this day will turn out. Hopefully I’ll be able to complete this challenge. I’ll probably never do it again. But one thing is for sure: the fact that I can survive 3 entire day without eating any food just made me realize how we all eat waaaaay more than we need to.

I will certainly adjust my eating habits once this is over, most likely I’ll have only one meal a day, because it’s something I already did in the past and worked fine. I just didn’t continue because there way too much pressure in our society for us to eat. If you are invited for a meal and you reply “thank you, I only eat at night” most people will look at you like you are suicidal.

The journeys continues.

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