Prolonged fasting, day 2: not sure I’m gonna make it

Last Sunday I decided I’d finally do something I’ve been postponing for a while: a prolonged fasting, spanning several days. The first day was easy and I didn’t feel any hunger whatsoever. On the second day, things started to become harder.

As I write this, I’m really, really hungry. I can’t stop thinking about food. Earlier today I started to feel a little bit dizzy. Then realized I haven’t been ingesting electrolytes: sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium. So I ingested some table salt to get some sodium and bought suplements for the other minerals.

When I get home, I’ll do my daily 2 sets of 10 push-ups (yes, that’s how many push-ups I can do today). If I fail, I’ll stop the fasting. Otherwise, I’ll continue to do it.

My goal is to fast for at least 7 days, or until I lose most of my belly fat, which is way too much for a skinny guy like me. I have so much excess fat in the belly that even if suck it up as much as I can there’s still a visible bump. That shit annoys the hell out of me because of how disproportional it is.

Other than losing my belly, I’m curious to experience the mental energy that many claim to achieve after the 3rd day of fasting. I heard more than one person claiming that you feel so great that it’s like an spiritual experience.

Let’s see.

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