Prolonged fasting, day 4: the end

Last night I ended my prolonged fasting after 4 days, 3 days short of my original goals of 7 days.

I was still feeling weak, even though I could still do my 10 push-ups normally. Also the bad taste in my mouth was impossible to ignore.

I could have continued if I have a better motivation for doing so. I’m a skinny guy, with a little bump in my belly that annoys me. I don’t need to fast until the belly is gone, all I need is to drop carbs, sugar and alcohol, and do more exercises.

I recently bought a bike that I’ll use to take my daughter to school. Shyrwyn also ordered some weights that I’ll soon be able to lift every day. So soon I’ll be doing way more exercises than I am doing nowdays. If combine that with a more restricted diet it’s goodbye, belly bump in no time.

I’m happy I did this fasting and I plan doing it again in the future, this time with a little bit more preparation. Next time I want to make sure that I enter ketosis sooner by preparaing a few days earlier with a restrictive diet and then exercise more to burn all the glucose stored in my liver faster.

This experience helped me to lower my appetite, and woke me up to the fact that in general we eat too much food, especially carbs, which I’ll now consume less often and in smaller portions, as much as possible. After all, carbs are really cheap, and that’s why is the basis of most people’s nutrition. I would have to triple my current income to be able to follow the carnivore diet, for example. But I can afford more eggs and whey protein so I’ll go with them.

I broke my fast with carrot juice, followed my natural yogurt (no sugar), then pumpkin soup, pickled onions and 1 cumcuber with salt. A few hour later I had a litle bit of a chicken pie that Shyrwyn did a few days ago and that I’ve been dying to eat since then. Man, it was delicious!

Then today for lunch I have 2 sausages and 4 eggs fried with olive oil and butter. Then I had a little bit more chicken pie.

Before doing my prolonged fast, I would have slayed the whole chicken pie in one sit. There is no scenario in which I would give it a few small bites and be done with it. But now I can do it, and the best part is that it doesn’t make me suffer. I eat the pie for the flavor, which I thoroughly experience and enjoy with a few bites, without the need to eat until I’m stuffed.

I hope I will continue like this and keep improving.

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