It was never my intention to have a long term relationship with yoga

All I wanted was a quick fix for my knees because I hurt them after running 10km 🏃‍♀️

But one thing lead to another, and few weeks later I went to my first vinyasa class. It kicked my ass and I loved it 🥰

Am I crazy? Maybe 🤪

I had around 15 to 20h of vinyasa classes while I was still in France but apart from that I’ve been practicing daily on my own for a year.

Sometimes only 10min 🧘 and some other times up to 2h 🥵

I don’t have any gym background. I’m not strong nor flexible by nature. I used to have bad grades at PE 🤭 I was more into maths 🧮 and physics/chemistry 👩‍🔬

But anyway…

These days I’m obsessed with pincha 🙃 I practice it every other day for 30min for 2 weeks now. And here’s a progress picture from end of March vs today.

Beijinhos from Brazil 🇧🇷

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