I know it’s been 5 days that we’re in May but…

Can you believe we’re already in May?! 🙈 We’re almost half of the year and it feels like Christmas is gonna be tomorrow ⛄😂

As you know I moved from 🇫🇷 to 🇧🇷 with my family 3 months ago and so far I really enjoy the experience – although I had some crisis at the beginning but now it’s passed 🧘

Moving to another country has always been one of my dreams and I can’t believe I’m living it right now 🤯

I’m feeling grateful for this amazing opportunity and I hope I’ll get to visit more of this country whenever possible 🌞🤗

In the meantime, I’m learning Portuguese at the same speed as Ellie 😄 and I also know some cursed words thanks to Davidson 🤪

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