How much more is enough?

I quit my corporate job in 2015 because when I was projecting how my future would be, I could see that I’d end up having more and more responsibilities in my job, thus less time for my future family.

6 years fast forward, not only do I have a husband, I also have two beautiful girls.

We may not live in our own house yet or able to travel as much as we would like to, but at least I got what I desired the most in my life: time for my family.

Some days when Ellie is extremely annoying or Amy keeps screaming and crying, all I want is to hide and cry because I’m feeling exhausted almost all the time and I wish for some time alone. But at the same time there’s that voice in my head saying: isn’t it what you wanted?

Yes that’s what I wanted but…

But what?


The life I’m living is exactly what I wanted. And anything more is extra.

Do I wish to live in my own house one day? Of course I do. Eventually, I know we will. I just don’t know when. But as long as I remind myself that I already have what I wanted then I know the rest will fall into place at their own time.

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