My sourdough journey: what I’ve learned so far

After a month of making sourdough breads, here are my few lessons learned:

  • To be patient, especially during bulk fermentation and also when the bread is fresh from the oven. I usually cut it after 2h of rest.
  • To be ok with failing: I’ve failed many times but at least the bread still tastes good.
  • To enjoy the process of learning and failing.
  • To be more observant: after how many hours the starter reached its peak (I actually keep a diary of it on my Evernote), …
  • To trust my smell for when the starter is ready or not.
  • To learn how to knead and to actually enjoy it: it’s tiring though 😂
  • To adapt myself with my surroundings: if it’s too hot, I’ll use cold water and/or less starter, if Amy cries when I’m supposed to do a stretch and fold then I’ll skip it and do it when I can,…
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