Yoga wasn’t love at first sight

I’ve been practicing yoga on and off since 2012. I’d do just a couple of rounds of the sun salutation for maybe 2 or 3 weeks. Then at some point, I’d just stop and come back at it only when I’d feel down (mostly because of breakups…)

But anyway… It was only back in April that I decided to learn more about yoga. And it was because I hurt my knee after running 10 km with a friend.

Thanks to Google and YouTube, I realized that maybe I hurt my knee because my legs were too weak. So I got curious and tried to find some exercises to strengthen them.

One thing leading to another, I asked myself, “Hey what about yoga?”

I read that the chair pose would help. Low lunge as well. And many other poses that at first I didn’t particularly like.

So nope, yoga wasn’t love at first sight.

But I kept practicing it on my own, and gradually I felt the need to practice more and more every day, until the day I decided to attend my first yoga class.

Now, it’s been 6 months that I’m on this yoga journey practicing every day and I’ve never felt so much alive in my life.

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