Travel diary #6: Our trip from Penang to Ngapali

After 2 months working at the reception at Sim CityStay in Penang, we got an opportunity to work in 2 hostels in Ngapali as supervisors. Here’s the detail of our trip on October 15th 2016.

6h30AM: Time to wake up!

We slept less than 5h because that previous night we had our last Marketing class in Penang which finished at 11PM. Then we went out to have one last drink with the friends we met during our 2-month stay.

After a shower, we started to pack our backpacks. We thought it would take us 20 min but it took us more time. We finished around 7h50AM then while I was finishing my backpack, Davidson prepared our last breakfast in the kitchen. We ate 3 fried eggs with bread.

8h10AM: Off to Penang airport

Around 8h10AM, the taxi driver and our new friend, Fred, was already waiting for us. We arrived at the airport around 8h30AM, we did our check-in and then… spent some time reading this content amongst several others. Our flight was at 10h30AM.

11AM something, landing at Yangon airport

3h later, we arrived at Yangon airport. There’s 1h30 less than in Penang.

We met the owner of the 2 hostels and visited the new food court he’s building for the new domestic flight building. He told us that there will be 5 million people in transit in that airport. And it’s supposed to open at the end of November 2016. They’re still looking for cookers.

Around 1PM: Shopping

Later on, he bought a new laptop, 2 printers and 1 scanner for us to bring to Ngapali.

4h50PM: Time to get in the bus to Ngapali

We took the bus to go to Ngapali. It’s way cheaper than the plane.

Our bus was scheduled at 4h45PM. We arrived just on time after a big traffic jam. The bus left the terminal around 5PM. They offer 2 snacks (sweet), 1 bottle of water and 1 candy. There was a bus stop at 8h26PM for dinner.

At 11h23PM, they took our passports.

At 1h04AM, the officers told us to get out of the bus for immigration (from one state to another). Then, they gave us back our passports. We were the first ones to get them back. Probably because we were foreigners.

7h44AM, welcome to Ngapali

We arrived at Ngapali our final destination , exhausted but happy 🙂

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