Daily expenses in Ngapali, Myanmar #1

We arrived in Ngapali on October 16th. It took me some time to adapt myself to the new environment but I think now it’s getting better and better 🙂 For this blog post, I’m gonna breakdown our daily expenses from October 24th to October 30th. We’re not paying any rent because we work in a hostel in exchange for free accommodation 🙂

Conversion rate: K 1,400 = 1€

If it’s your first time reading one of my blog post, here’s a quick heads up:

My boyfriend, Davidson and I, left Paris on June 15th for a 6-month trip in Asia. We had enough savings until September. So yeah, it’s risky but we took the leap anyway.

So far, we’re not bankrupt yet!

October 24th

    • Lunch: K 5,200 I’ll call this restaurant the restaurant at the junction of the main road in Ngapali because the name is only in Burmese.

  • Top up Ooredo: K 5,000 the previous week, I bought one Ooredo sim card for K 1,000. This topup is for 1Go of data.

Total cost: K 10,200 (7.29€)

October 25th

    • Lunch: K 43,080 we had lunch at Bayview with Gunther from Ngapali Concierge. He’s a Costa Rican living there for 4 years already (or 5?). He asked the chef a special burger with feta cheese and cheddar. It was too big for me. Couldn’t finish it ahah



  • Snacks: K 8,300 bought some snacks at the convenient store at the junction

Total cost: K 51,380 (36.70€)

October 26th

  • Lunch: K 7,500 @Blue Lagoon restaurant
  • Dinner: K 7,000 @Family restaurant

Total cost: K 14,500 (10.36€)

October 27th

  • Lunch: K 9,000 @Blue Lagoon restaurant

Total cost: K 9,000 (6.43€)

October 28th

  • Deodorant: K 1,500 @convenient store at the junction
  • Lunch: K 7,300 @restaurant at the junction

Total cost: K 8,800 (6.29€)

October 29th

  • Lunch: K 4,000 @Blue Lagoon restaurant, we ate prawns fried rice and chicken fried noodles

Total cost: K 4,000 (2.86€)

October 30th

  • Snacks: K 5,450 @convenient store at the junction, sugar crackers for K 1,800 and cookies for K 2,400, then some dried fruits for K 1,250 (but I don’t like the taste!)
  • Lunch: K 8,100 @restaurant at the junction

Total cost: K 13,550 (9.68€)

Total cost for the week

Total cost: K 111,430 (79.59€)

Average per day: K 15,919 (11.37€)

Note: We rarely eat at night, that’s why there’s no daily cost for dinner except for October 26th when we went out with new friends at Family restaurant.

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