Travel diary #7: Nervous breakdown in Ngapali

I had a nervous breakdown today. I cried on the phone while talking to a girlfriend about our experience here in Myanmar. And it turns out that it’s not what Davidson and I were expecting.

We thought we’d be Managers for the opening of two hostels. But in the end, the business owner just doesn’t give a shit about us and he cares even less about customer experience. He just wants the money.

He wants to open 2 hostels at the same time with 2 restaurants attached when there’s only 1 chef. There’s no menu. The staff, either be front desk, kitchen, or F&B, are not trained. They don’t even know how to speak proper English. I guess that’s what you get when you pay the staff only between $60 to $100 per month. I don’t even know how they can live with that small revenue.

Davidson and I are feeling tired of all this mess. We were supposed to stay 2 months. Now we’re planning to travel to Thailand to spend our last month before coming back for Christmas in Paris with my family.

I haven’t wished so much to get back home like right now…

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