My journey to bakasana

I remember practicing it for the first time back in April and I couldn’t understand how people were able to lift their knees up on their forearms.

I would watch many tutorials on YouTube and follow carefully the instructions but… nope, it wouldn’t happen and I would get frustrated.

At that time, I wasn’t yet aware that this asana requires A LOT of strength and that it wouldn’t happen overnight. I was looking for a shortcut. You know, like a tutorial that would reveal the “magic trick.”

But of course, there’s no such a thing…

Over time, I learned to let go of trying to achieve it and focused on practicing asanas that were more accessible to my level instead. They were not as ‘fancy’ as bakasana but at least I could still build up some strength — which is exactly what I was lacking.

Now, not only can I do crow pose, but I can also do other arm-balance poses such as the 8-angle pose or lolasana. Plus, I can also do a headstand, which is something I never thought I would ever be able to do in my life!

All of this is just to say…

…don’t focus on the destination. Aim at it only to give you a sense of direction, but then focus on your journey instead. That’s where the magic is.

And you’ll probably end up with more than you could’ve ever imagined.

Happy Monday everyone ❤

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