Love yourself

I’ve been avoiding to write lately. And the reason was that I was afraid of what people would think of me. And when I mean “people”, I mean people I know like my parents, former coworkers, friends, …

I enjoy writing and I’m still writing on my diary (almost) every day. But somehow, thinking about writing online became a pain that I was trying to avoid as much as possible.

So yeah… it took me some time to actually decide to finally get back on my blog. And now that I’m back at it, there’s still a part of me freaking out but I know it’s irrational.

So this blog post is about going beyond your fears and do what you want regardless of what people will think about you. And actually you will realize that all this judgement that you’re afraid of, most of it, it’s only in your mind.

Message to myself: Stop beating yourself up. And love yourself. For real 🙂

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