You know better what makes you happy

Since I left my job in 2015, I was looking for THE job that will make me happy. The One that will bring meaning in my life. I tried many things like life coaching, calligraphy, editing pictures, crochet. None of them lasted more than 3 months. For most people, they would judge my career path as a failure (and this was something I thought myself too), but actually, the answer was right in front of me.

Three years ago, when I was thinking about my ideal job I was aiming for feeling joy every day. Not longing for weekends and dreading Mondays. I wanted to wake up every day excited about my work and not lazy or feeling like staying in the bed all day long.

Being a mom gives me exactly those feelings.

It doesn’t bring any income but it’s making me feel happy every day. And I’d rather be in that position than working in a traditional job and feeling unhappy most of the time.

So, this blog post is for all the moms around the world. You are amazing and you’re doing a wonderful job. Be proud of it.

Message for myself: Don’t let people dictate your life. You know better what makes you happy.

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