Let’s see the falls (again) but now from the Argentinian side

Yesterday, I visited the falls from the Argentinian side in Puerto Iguazu.

The commute is pretty easy to get there. Just have to go to the bus terminal and buy a round-trip ticket of 100ARS. There are buses every 20 min. I got mine at 9:20AM*.

*Well… that’s what I thought until this morning when I had an interesting conversation with my roommates and realized that in Puerto there’s a one hour time difference with Foz ^^ Yep, so for 2 days I was living with the Brazilian time. Good to know!! ^^

30 min later, here I am in Las Cataratas. The entrance fee is 260 ARS (approximately 18 €).

There are 3 trails: lower trail, upper trail and the last one leading to the Devil’s Throat.

The Argentinian side is much bigger than the Brazilian side but I preferred the one in Brazil. Surely because :

  • I had more fun with my friends
  • There are more shades
  • You catch up the bus quite easily in the Park. The line for the train in Puerto is soooo long. Especially when you’re heading to the Devil’s Throat. If you’re lucky, you will wait 20 min.

But I got to admit that the falls in Argentina are more breathtaking 🙂

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