4 Reais, 3 buses and 2h later (my odissey in Argentina)

Here I am in Argentina. Puerto Iguazu, in Misiones state. I’m switching from my poor Portuguese to my old Spanish (I haven’t practiced Spanish for 10 years!). I’m still confused and continue to say “Obrigada” instead of “Gracias”. I’m proud to say that I invented a new word: “Obrigracias” ^^

Here’s my to-do for this first day!

Withdraw Argentinian Pesos

After a call with my friend Rébecca and many mosquitos bites (aaaah I hate them!), I’m going to the nearest bank which is 10min away from the hostel under a burning sun. In less than 100m, I’m already all sweatyyyy!

Five min later, I’m noticing the bus terminal which is a good news because I’m planning to go there to catch my bus to go to Buenos Aires next Sunday ^^

Five more minutes later, here I am at Santander bank. Unfortunately, there’s a blackout T_T So, I decide to go to another bank not far from there, Banco de la Nacion Argentina. My two credit cards don’t work. I got to admit I started to panic.

How am I going to pay the hostel? How am I going to eat?

While I was daydreaming, a customer behind me on the line started to push some buttons on my screen (WTF!!). But well… It didn’t work anyway. My last chance is to go back to the first bank and pray that the blackout is over.

The power was back again! Thank you!!!

Now, the next challenge is: withdraw 3,000 pesos.

  • First attempt: Try a smaller amount.
  • Second attempt: 2900 pesos. No.
  • Third attempt: 2800. Still no.
  • Fourth attempt: 2700. Fucking no again?!
  • Fifth attempt: 2500 (approximately 170€). Finally, it’s working! Halelluja!!

Book my bus to go to Buenos Aires

I had already checked on Omlineas website the prices. I found one at 1350ARS for a semi-cama (the seat can unfold up to 120°). I find an agency and speak some spanish leftover from my high school’s years.

“Hola! Quiero ir a Buenos Aires en domingo. Cuanto cuesta?”

She’s giving me a paper with the timetables on it. I choose to leave at 4:20PM for an estimated arrival at 11:35AM. So, almost 20h of bus ride!


When preparing my ticket, there seems to have a problem with my name. Shyrwyn is not accepted by the system (whyyyyy!). So, they solved the problem by putting Kaye instead of Shyrwyn (dafuk?). Well, as long as I can travel, I don’t care ^^

To finish my day, I decided to buy an ice cream with the money I successfully withdrew ^^

Bienvenido en Argentina!! 😉

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