The day I saw a toucan for the first time!

On my second day in Foz, I’ve been to Parque das Aves which means the bird park! It’s a park close to the falls, like 5 min walking distance.

You can totally go to the falls then go to Parque das Aves in one day. There are even people who stay in Puerto Iguazu (Argentinian side) and go for a one day trip on their own to Foz de Iguazu to see the falls from the Brazilian side.

In my case, I was in the city center of Foz. To get to the park, me and my Australian friend took a bus (R$ 3.20) and 20 min later we were there!

The entrance fee is R$ 30, approximately 7€ to see toucans, parrots, anaconda (they were hiding when I was there!), etc.

Here are some pictures of the animals you can see in the park:

Unfortunately, 10 min later it started to rain.

We decide to go straight to the restaurant in the middle of the park but we were not the only one to have this idea (weird, huh? ^^). We’re waiting on the line for at least 30mn and there are not even 5 clients in front of us! Unbelievable! lol Yes, in Brazil you have to be reaaaaaally patient. Rush hour doesn’t exist.

I’m having an açai, not the best idea I had because I’m starting to get cold and this açai is clearly not helping!

Another 30 min later, it’s still raining. Luckily for us, there’s a guy selling rain ponchos. So, we decide to buy one (R$ 7) and we continue our visit to the park. The advantage of this rain is that there are few people in the park ^^

Shyrwyn and her Australian friend in their rain ponchos
Me and my Australian friend in our rain ponchos.

And last but not least: here’s the toucan and his awesome beak! ^^

A Toucan from Foz do Igaçu, Brazil
A Toucan from Foz do Igaçu, Brazil.
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