How da fuck did I end up alone in Brazil?

2015 is coming to an end, and I’m currently in São Paulo.


Without friends.

For the first time in my life.

If someone had told me this last year I would’ve said:


Because last year I was:

  • In a relationship
  • Living in an apartment at 5min walking distance to the Eiffel Tower
  • Earning 40k€/year and having 7 weeks of holidays as an IT Project Manager

It sounds like a dream, right?

So, how da fuck did I end up alone in Brazil?

In 2013, I was dreaming to work abroad. Just to know how it’s to work in a different country with a different culture. Meet new people. Speak in English. Learn new skills. And maybe settle down there (because I don’t wanna live in France!).

But I got sick at the end of 2013.

So, inevitably I forgot about this dream and started to think more about my health, which got better only one year later.

At the end of 2014, a friend reminded me of that dream. And starting from this point, I was like:

Wow! What I’ve been doing all this time? Why I’m still in France?

So, I made a pinky swear with myself that on January 1st, 2016, I won’t be in France.

First thing I did when I came back to work, I asked my director if there was any opportunity abroad in any of our subsidiaries. It happens that there was!

The deal was that I’d start working in the UK on September 2015.

I was so excited! I would finally realize my dream!

But nothing happened.

The process was taking too much time. We were already in May and I had no contract. People who were supposed to help me were busy with their own mutation. So why would they give a damn fuck about me?

I was hopeless

I started to ask myself:

Do I really want that job?

And as a matter of fact, I didn’t!

So what should I do?

Continue my boring job in Paris?

No way!

Should I quit then?

Well, that’s what I did!

I quit everything. My boyfriend. Our nice apartment in Paris. My job.

I needed a fresh new start.

So I decided to do what I love the most: TRAVEL!

On December 1st, 2015, I was enjoying my first day of freedom in London with my brother.

My brother and I at Primrose Hill, London
My brother and I at Primrose Hill, London

And on December 6th, 2015, I was flying to Brazil alone having in mind that I would give myself 4 months to figure out who I truly am and how I want to live my life.

And you know what’s the best part?

On January 1st 2016, I’m gonna be in Rio de Janeiro celebrating NYE!!

Samba!! ^^

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January 25, 2020 2:24 am

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