2 years ago I couldn’t walk

On the morning of December 16th, 2013, I woke up with a pain in my left foot.

I couldn’t walk and I couldn’t even put my shoe on!

I went to the emergency, waited 2 hours so that the doctor could say:

Maybe you’ve sprained your ankle recently and you haven’t noticed it.


I knew it couldn’t be that but anyway…

I remember crying because I was in pain and also because I didn’t understand anything.

I ended up with a plaster on my left leg and walking sticks

For a week, I was alone at home. I thought I’d go crazy because I couldn’t do anything by myself (and I was bored)!

The simple things like going to the grocery store or having a shower was something I couldn’t do on my own anymore.

I was angry at myself!

Why was this happening to me?

2 weeks later, I went back to work but I could still feel a pain in my left foot. I could walk but it’s like I had a disability.

A few days later, the same thing happened to me but worse: my left foot was hurting and it had doubled its size!

I went to the doctor and at least he was clear.

I was diagnosed with arthritis

Arthritis at 25?

Yes, it happens!

I thought it was only for old people, too. But it isn’t!

So, I went to a specialist and he confirmed that I had arthritis and that he couldn’t tell me how I got this.

I had to take pills to treat the effects. The side-effect was that I couldn’t have babies during the treatment. There could be malformations.

It’s not that I wanted babies at that time but it moved me anyway.

It’s like someone took something from you but it’s only at that moment that you realize how much that thing was precious for you.

I learned to accept what I was going through

It was a long and difficult process but I eventually did accept my illness.

I couldn’t run but I could walk. Not for a long time but at least I could!

The only thing that would help me keep walking more and more every day was the idea to be able to travel again.

Although 2014 was a tough year mentally and physically speaking, I’m grateful for what happened.

It makes me more appreciative of the simple things life has to offer and to never take anything for granted.

What about you? Have you been struggling with health issues? How was it?

Or maybe you’re still struggling.

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