After a month of traveling, so far…

I worked for two weeks in a 10 acre farm…

…and I really enjoyed my time there! Thanks to HelpX!

I ride a horse for the first time of my life…

…and it was amazing!


I got a sunburn and spent Xmas…

…at Peruibe beach.

I had capoeira lessons…

…and I’m not really good at it ahah ^^ I practiced only 2h though.

I almost forgot my phone

I noticed that my phone was missing when I was already at the terminal bus in São Paulo – Tietê to go to Rio de Janeiro. Luckily I had enough time to come back to the hostel.

I met awesome people…

…at Global Hostel in São Paulo and at Walk on the beach hostel in Rio de Janeiro.

I spent NYE at Copacabana beach…

…and it was amaaaaazing! Lots of Caipi and crazy people!

I went to the top of the hill to do hang-gliding in Rio…

…but it was too foggy, unfortunately.


I’ve been to Lapa in Rio…

…and once I arrived there I wanted to go back to the hostel lol It’s really too crowded, too noisy, too much bass… just TOO MUCH! I think it’s good to go there just once but then that’s it.

I stayed awake 24h straight in Rio…

…and actually, I didn’t know I could still do that at 27.

I had a free taxi ride in Rio…

…because I didn’t have enough cash to pay the taxi driver. We went to different ATM to withdraw money but it was not working. After almost 20mn of searching, he dropped me off at the hostel and actually offered me the ride ^^

I did the 2 hours hiking to reach el Cristo in Rio…

…for my last day and it was worth it 🙂

I drank an uncalculated amount of Caipirinhas

I love Cachaça!

I am (almost) never lost

Thanks to the app City Maps 2 go! (yeah I’m not good in orientation ^^)

I got addicted to açai

So refreshing when it’s hot outside! Best thing ever ^^

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