Challenging myself with making breads for the first time ever

If I had to name only one thing I miss from France, it would be BREAD 😁

It’s been over a year now that I’m living in Brazil and I’ve been watching lots of videos on Youtube about making your own bread at home. Never had the courage so far to try any of the recipes I saved for “later”.

But few days ago, I decided to take the leap and try a focaccia. I was so scared to fail – which by the way I did 😭🤣 – but I didn’t let this failure stop me.

So I tried another bread.

It was a half failure. I almost threw the dough in the garbage before baking it because it didn’t rise properly. But Davidson encouraged me to bake it anyway and even though it didn’t turn out as expected, it was still tasty. Just maybe a bit too densed because of the non-risen dough.

Davidson surely had lots of fun watching me depressed over that second attempt 😅

But anyway…

Today, I decided to try another bread.

Right now it’s still proofing. I’ll know in few hours if I got it right or not.

To be continued… 😄

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