About my diet

I used to eat 3 meals (+ 1 snack) per day because I always had in mind that skipping breakfast was ‘bad’. But then I realized that by doing so I was eating even when I wasn’t hungry.

I was mostly eating because I thought I was supposed to and not because I wanted to.

Last summer, Davidson decided to fast at least 12h between his last meal of the day and the first meal of the next day. I was curious and gave it a try. I would only drink water, tea or coffee with no sugar in between meals. The first days were tough but now, I manage to fast for up to 17h some days.

Example of a typical day

  • Last meal at 8PM
  • Sleep from 11PM to 7AM
  • Drink coffee and water
  • Lunch at 12PM or 1PM
  • Drink tea and water
  • Snack at 5PM (optional)
  • Dinner at 7 or 8PM
  • Drink tea and water

Fasting helps me to be more aware of what my body needs

Now, I eat only when I want to and it makes me enjoy more my meals. I’m no more feeling anxious when it comes to decide on what to eat because everything tastes delicious when you’re hungry, don’t you think? 😄

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