7 random things I miss as a French-Filipino girl while traveling in South America

Have you ever been away for a long time from your friends and family?

Do you remember what were you missing the most?

I’m already halfway through my journey and I realized that as a French-Filipino girl, I miss:

  • Eating my mom’s Filipino food;
  • Hanging out with friends at night;
  • Spending time with my family;
  • Drinking French wine (and sometimes cheese (but not always because it’s too smelly!));
  • Eating French pastries (I tried pastries in Brazil and Argentina… and what’s the problem with sugar?! They’re putting too much sugar in their cakes!);
  • Watching TV shows like The Big Bang Theory or listening endlessly Boyce Avenue’s playlist with my best friend;
  • Having my morning routine.

But do you think I have any regrets quitting my job and traveling alone to South America?

Duh! Of course not ^^

Because even though I’m missing aaaaall these things I can proudly say that:

  • I cooked Chicken Adobo (famous filipino dish!) to a Brazilian family and they loved it (or at least they didn’t get sick ^^);
  • I’m hanging out with new friends from all around the world;
  • I’m chating by WhatsApp or Facebook with my family. We are a family well connected! ^^ (one of my brothers recently sent a picture with snow saying “Here Sis’, maybe you don’t know what it is anymore”);
  • I’m drinking Argentinian and Chilean wines (and lots of caipi!);
  • I’m cooking banana/nutella muffins to satisfy my cravings for sweets;
  • I’m catching up on movies. The latest ones were “Hector and the pursuit of happiness”, “The secret life of Walter Mitty” and “Eat, Pray, Love” (yes, I know, shame on me! I’ve never watched Eat, Pray, Love before…);
  • I have loooots of time to reflect on my life and I’m never in a rush (and no stressed at all!)

And wanna know a secret?

I’m dating a Brazilian guy 🙂

And in a couple of days we’re going to hitchhike in trucks to Peru!

I know, it’s crazy! But I AM CRAZY ^^

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