What would they think of me if I told them…

I want to quit my corporate job?

I want to travel solo for some time?

I fell in love with someone I barely know?

I want to have kids and marry him?

I prefer to be a stay-at-home mom rather than going back to work?

I want to move to Brazil?

Whenever faced with big decisions to make in our lives, instead of thinking of ourselves, we tend to think first about others.

We tell ourselves: “but what if I do that, what would they think of me?”

We wrongly base our biggest decisions in life upon people’s opinions who, for most of them, don’t even know who we really are. So how could they possibly know better than we do?

So instead of quitting the job that makes you feel miserable, you’ll keep it because what your friends or colleagues would think of you?

Or instead of staying at home to take care of your kids, you find the first job opportunity because what your parents would think of you?

Whenever I was faced with those big decisions in my life, even though the thought of what other people would think of me would haunt me, I’ve never based any of my decisions on their opinions (or on what I thought they would tell me if I were to ask them).

Because those decisions are up to me not up to them.

So when I quit my job in 2015, I hadn’t told my parents until I’ve given my resignation letter already.

Also I hadn’t told them about my solo trip to South America before I’ve actually bought the tickets.

And I certainly hadn’t told them that we were trying to have a kid after only few months together.

I didn’t want them to make me change my mind.

So instead of having a talk with them for some sort of approval, I’ve just went ahead and gave my own self permission to do what I wanted to do.

Because my life is my own responsibility. And no one else’s.

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February 1, 2021 6:41 pm

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February 14, 2021 2:42 am

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